Top 10 Things You’ve Got to Do and See in Seoul Korea

Top 10 Things You’ve Got to Do and See in Seoul Korea The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in East Asia extending southward for regarding 680 miles from continental Asia into the Pacific Ocean and is encircled by the Sea of Japan
Top 10 Things You’ve Got to Do and See in Seoul Korea

Top 10 Things You’ve Got to Do and See in Seoul Korea

The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in East Asia extending southward for regarding 680 miles from continental Asia into the Pacific Ocean and is encircled by the Sea of Japan (East Sea) to the east, and the Yellow Sea to the west.

It’s divided into North and Republic of Korea and this guide is for Republic of Korea that is set within the southern half the earth.

Republic of Korea incorporates a wealthy culture steeped in history, a quiet country and spirited cities.

Republic of Korea is certainly an area to go to a minimum of once in your period of time. With most to examine and do, it will be quite overwhelming coming up with a visit to the ‘Land of the morning Calm’ however with this Republic of Korea travel guide you’ll relax and vacation simply.

So, while not any commotion, let’s head out and explore the earth of wonder!

1 – Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace, or the northern palace, was in-built 1395. it’s the biggest of all 5 palaces in Republic of Korea and, arguably the foremost stunning.

Between 1592 and 1598, a amount characterised by a Japanese invasion, the palace was destroyed in an exceedingly hearth. However, between 1852 and 1919, throughout the reign of King Gojong, and beneath the leadership of Heungseon Daewongun, the palace was renovated.

The Hyangwonjeong lake and therefore the Gyeonghoeru tent have remained comparatively unhurt and area unit outstanding structures that represent the Joseon kinsfolk. Shrouded in history, it’s no marvel this is often a significant tourer attraction and therefore the initial stop on our list! Let’s see what else Republic of Korea needs to supply.

2- Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower

The Namsan capital of South Korea tower may be a landmark that has actually become a multi-cultural venue and representative of capital of South Korea.

With a high that towers one,575 feet on top of water level, it’s thought-about one in all the tallest towers in East Asia.

Originally established in 1969 as a radio and tv broadcast tower, it’s simply been recently opened to the general public. gap the Namsan Seoul tower to the general public created it the primary tower-type commercial enterprise destination in Korea. we tend to conjointly can’t ditch the Observatory, Ssentoy depository and how-do-you-do Kitty Island.

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3 – Shopping : Myeongdong and Dongdaemun

Shopping – Myeongdong and Dongdaemun

Myeongdong and Dongdaemun area unit immense searching districts choked with searching malls and department shops that sell top-end covering, accessories and cosmetics.

In each searching districts guests will realize nearly each Korean and international cosmetic possible.

Myeongdong is additional tourist-friendly and has additional upmarket malls, whereas Dongdaemun furnishes higher deals, however since they’re solely a stop far from one another you’ll have the most effective of each worlds.

4 – Nami Island

Nami Island

Take a ship from capital of South Korea To Namiseom Island. What would this trip be if we tend to didn’t stop Associate in Nursingd catch a ferry to the attractive half-moon formed island an hour far from the suburbs of Seoul?

Namiseom Island’s half-moon form was fashioned by the development of the Cheongpyeong dam.

The island conjointly homes the grave of General Nami, WHO light-emitting diode his troops to triumph against the rebels throughout the thirteenth year of King Sejo’s reign of the Joseon kinsfolk between 1455 and 1468.

This historic island is additionally celebrated for its stunning tree-lined roads and underground cabling instead of above-ground phonephone poles, that preserves the natural feel of the landscape.

Other than its history and sweetness, there area unit many tourer attractions that area unit fun for couples further because the whole family.

If you’re trying to find a thrill visit the island’s amusement park or stop by the water sports facility if you’re up for a bit water athletics.

Now, aren’t you glad we tend to caught the ferry? OK, we’re off to our next destination.

5 – Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Our next stop in our Republic of Korea travel is Bukchon Hanok Village. Bukchon interprets into “northern village,” that is kind of fitting since it sits encircled by the ‘Northern Palace’ or Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Changdeokgung Palace and therefore the Jongmyo Shrine.

Bukchon Hanok village conjointly acquires its name as a result of it lies simply north of 2 important landmarks in Seoul: the Cheonggyecheon stream and Jongno which implies Bell Street.

Home to many ancient Korean homes, or ‘hanoks’, Bukchon Hanok village dates all the manner back to the Joseon kinsfolk.

These hanoks, today, furnish guests with a chance to immerse themselves in, and skill, ancient Korean culture.

They operate as guest and tea homes, restaurants and cultural centers, conserving the atmosphere of the Joseon kinsfolk.

This 600+ year previous urban village, with its slim streets and alleyways ready for exploration, makes this the second stop on our list. Let’s keep exploring!

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6 – Lotte World Adventure

Lotte World Adventure

We tend to simply received goosefish World Adventure! This place holds the Guinness record for the biggest indoor amusement park. It conjointly has an outside common competently known as ‘Magic Island’.

Magic Island is a man-made island within the middle of a lake that’s coupled by a railroad line.

The island conjointly provides luxury hotels, searching malls, flick theaters and additional.

Once they came up with the name of this wonderland, they weren’t kidding regarding the adventure! currently let’s see what alternative adventures look North American nation on our trip to South Korea!

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7 – Everland Resort

Everland Resort

Our trip to Republic of Korea wouldn’t be complete no end at the Everland resort.

Snuggled in dense hillsides just about twenty five miles or forty kilometers south of capital of South Korea in Yongin (A town within the Gyeonggi-do province) lies the large Everland amusement park.

Everland Resort’s amusement park is split into 5 zones that house various attractions that everybody will get pleasure from.

The resort conjointly hosts many completely different themed festivals all year long. Everland’s 5 zones embrace European journey, yankee journey, Zootopia, Magic Land and world truthful.

It’s no marvel this amusement park and resort was voted sixteenth within the world for common group action in 2014.

With varied festivals, themed areas and rides, Everland perpetually, while not failure, keeps its guests diverted day when day.

And though you’ll ne’er need to go away Everland, it’s a secure bet that Republic of Korea will ne’er come back up short in ‘wowing’ its tourists. So, let’s see wherever we tend to area unit off to next.

8 – Skiing


Mid-December through the tip of February is peak ski season for Republic of Korea.

Its high altitudes, overabundant snow, and well-developed ski resorts, build this country an excellent winter sports destination.

It’s no marvel that Republic of Korea is ready to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. South Korea’s ski resorts have slopes for any talent level and supply common amenities like walking trails, day spas, sled rides for kids and gondolas.

You’ll conjointly ski any time day or night since several of the resorts supply night athletics with lit slopes.

9 – Korean Sauna

Korean Sauna

While in capital of South Korea stop by and visit one in all their saunas, or jjimjilbangs. though these saunas area unit places for peace, quiet and relaxation.

They’re increasingly changing into social focal points for friends, families and couples.

On the far side socialization, these saunas conjointly give ward choices that span from anti-aging to purification.

Seoul’s saunas don’t seem to be solely nice for purification, relaxation and socialization however, conjointly for diversion.

So, as we tend to begin to draw our trip to a conclusion, it wouldn’t be a nasty plan to prevent by one in all Seoul’s jjimjilbangs for a bit rest and relaxation.


Cookin’ Nanta may be a non-verbal performance show that initial premiered in 1997 within the Nanta Theater set in capital of South Korea on Seodaemun by hall.

It’s a comically-charged 100-minute performance of 4 cooks WHO should prepare a complete wedding banquet in one hour.

Cookin’ Nanta isn’t just one of Korea’s most well-liked musicals, however is additionally the longest running show in Korean history.

BIBAP is another non-verbal performance show that debuted in 2009.

BIBAP is a particularly humorous  and fun show supported the Korean representative dish bibimbap, or rice mixed with beef and vegetables.

Seeing that the performance is non-verbal, the performers imitate the sound of constructing bibimbap with beat-boxing and demonstrate their motions through martial arts, acrobatics and B-boying.

Since its debut it’s been well-received and accepted among world venues and food conferences and has been touted as a trailblazer of a brand new culture. combining change of state with martial arts, you’re bound to be amazed!

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