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Osaka Vacation Travel Guide

Osaka Vacation Travel Guide

Osaka Vacation Travel Guide

Osaka sits in japan’s, Kansai region on the southern coast of the island of Honshu by bullet train. This metropolis is two and a half hours west from Tokyo and just 15 minutes south from Kyoto.

There’s, no better entree to the city. They call japan’s kitchen than a visit to Osaka castle, whose tower museum serves up the story of Osaka’s past when the castle was built in the 16th-century merchants settled around its protective walls and prospered, by The 18th-century Osaka was an industrial and trading powerhouse known throughout the world as the manchester of Asia.

Today, Osaka is a city that continues to work hard play harder and eat like there’s no, tomorrow, Osakans, love to say hui, which means eat till you so drop in Osaka.

The best way to explore the city is to let your belly lead the way to follow the twinkle of Michelin, stars, and gleaming glass to the Kita district.

Osaka’s. The northern downtown area here under the futuristic shadow of the Umeda sky building centuries of culinary tradition is honored and built upon by the cities.

Finest chefs besides their legendary appetites Osakans, have had a long reputation as insatiable shoppers at the Osaka Museum of housing and living wrap yourself in a kimono and take a stroll along an Edo period, shopping street to taste life from simpler times.

Osaka’s; famous shopping streets have certainly grown since the 1600s. Just a few steps away is the one and a half-mile long Tenjinbashi, Tsuji home to over 600 stores, after hiking through japan’s, longest shopping street.

Put your feet up and take an aqua liner cruise for a floating feast of some of peter district’s, finest civic buildings, bridges, and parks. Once you’re back on dry land, follow the sounds of steaming: batter: sizzling octopus, and dancing bonito flakes to Minami Osaka’s.

Southern downtown takoyaki is Osaka’s number one street food and at Dotonbori you’ll find the best named after its neighboring canal. Dotonbori is a mind-bending riot of restaurants, food stalls, and bars, but it’s.

After dark, when the mechanical crabs and neon signs light up that the foodies really descend in their thousands, food is more than just a pleasurable pastime in Osaka it’s, a divine obsession just across the canal in Hozenji Yokocho partake in an age-old tradition With fellow diners and throw water upon the moss-covered statue of Fudo, the Buddhist god of fury, then follow the roar of blowtorches to Kuromon market and feast upon mountains of barbecue, crab leg, scallops, and sea urchins, and maybe pick up a few snacks For later, if you’re a glutton for more shopping, the Minami district caters to every taste imaginable.

You’ll find a full buffet of designer brands along Mido Tsuji boulevard and in the cities. The most popular shopping street Shinsaibashi Tsuji for a style that’s closer to the edge spends an afternoon in nearby America mura, where you’ll find Osaka’s, most adventurous streetwear and characters.

Looking for Osaka’s, answer to Tokyo’s; Akihabara loses yourself in the anime, manga, and old school collectibles of den town, but for the ultimate in the retro eye. Candy. Take the 10-minute walk south to the bright lights of Shinseki.

Over the century, the fortunes of this entertainment district have flickered, but today it’s, running on high voltage once again luring lovers of Japanese kitsch and another of Osaka’s guilty pleasures deep, fried Kushikatsu, skewers.

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If all that food shopping and neon have left your synapses, a little frayed Osaka offers plenty of places to plug into a little zen pay your respects. At the Namba Yasaka shrine, where a lion’s, mouth awaits to devour any pesky spirits.

That might be bothering you once you’re free of troublesome karma stock, upon positive vibes nearby at Imamia Ebisu shrine home to Ebisu, one of the seven gods of good fortune for the ultimate soul. Food follows the trail of incense east to Shigenori, founded in the 6th century.

The temple was built by prince Shotokan, who introduced Buddhism to a strife-torn feudal, japan, hungering for calm, Osaka offers plenty of green spaces to nourish the spirit too. Just a 10-minute walk from Shitenoji take in the mirror-like serenity of Ke Takoen garden or spend an afternoon at Sumiyoshi’s park and shrine and see how Osakans relax when they’re, not eating and shopping.

Of course, for kids, the best kind of parks are amusement parks and at universal studios, japan, you’ll find one of Asia’s best.

The park. Star attraction is the wizarding world of harry, potter. Where, for the millions who visit each year, the most magical stories ever written can, at last, be touched and tasted it’s no accident that the Hogwarts express came to Osaka from the city’s, tranquil gardens to its Mechanical crabs from its epic castle to its floating fish.

This is a city where anything seems possible. Just like the city’s, favorite comfort, food okonomiyaki, which means cooked just how you like it Osaka, is a city to be feasted upon and shared over and over day after day until you drop

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